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During your first visit to Rode Chiropractic Center you will asked what your personal health goals are and how far you want to go with your treatment at this office.

There are 5 basic choices; they are outlined below.

1)_________ Just get me out of pain.

This will be a short but very intense session where you will be receiving chiropractic adjustments for three or four times a week for a couple weeks. Frequency will then be decreased as the pain diminishes. You will then be given instructions to return when the pain does; or as you feel necessary.

2)_________ I would like to continue after the pain is gone to restore proper function to my spine.

This includes #1 but rather than staying away you will be put on a “maintenance schedule.” Depending on your lifestyle, occupation, and home exercise schedule you will be encouraged to follow up with weekly to monthly adjustments.

3)_________ I try to stay healthy with VITAMINS but would like to know what I really need.

Based on your current symptoms and past history I will use a method of testing to determine the need for supplementation. Because most diets and eating habits are “slightly less than stellar” This is recommended for everyone. At the very least a truly beneficial multivitamin from a WHOLE FOOD source is very beneficial.

4)_________ I would like you to evaluate my DIET and help me to start eating right.

Based on my training via seminars and thousands of pages read in this field of diet and nutrition, I have the knowledge necessary to get you on the right track while avoiding the fads, trends, and diet of the week.

5)_________ I need to change many aspects of my life and would like to discuss a simple program with guidance and support.

I have a flyer that will further explain what this entails. It is a year long intensive program with serious life changing potential.

As a patient/member of Rode Chiropractic Center you are entitled and encouraged to choose how far you wish to carry your chiropractic care. Your choice will be honoured and respected. Your questions will be answered.