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It is important for you to know that true chiropractic care comes in more than just one stage.

In fact there is THREE distinct phases of chiropractic care.

The first and most obvious to many is INITIAL INTENSIVE CARE. It is usually an ache or pain or some other symptom that has prompted you to come in to the office. Your goal is to get out of pain. Adjustment schedule tends to be more frequent during this stage of care. Depending on your condition, lifestyle, and past history, repeated adjustments will needed at this early stage. The primary focus in this phase is to reduce and eliminate the most obvious symptoms. During this phase there may be occasional “flare-ups” as the body goes through the healing process.

The second phase is called the REHABILITATIVE/CORRECTIVE PHASE.
The objective here is to stabilize spinal function and promote a more complete healing. The aches and pains have been diminished. Muscles and soft tissues often remain after the original symptoms have improved. The frequency of your visits is reduced and you may be encouraged to supplement your care with exercise and other home care procedures. Stopping care here may put you at risk to suffer a relapse.

The third and final phase is called, MAINTENANCE/WELLNESS CARE. Once maximum restoration of spinal function has been attained, periodic chiropractic “check-ups” are administered. Many people choose this type of care not only for themselves but for there children as well. Much like keeping the oil changed regularly in your car, this type of preventive, wellness care can save time and money by helping prevent little problems from becoming serious.

As a patient/member of Rode Chiropractic Center you are entitled and encouraged to choose how far you wish to go with your chiropractic care. Your choice will be honoured and respected.

Your questions will be answered. Please don’t hesitate to ask via e-mail at the address above.