“But I take a vitamin every day. I think it worked at first but now I don’t think I feel any better from them. I wonder why.” If this sounds familiar then you will be very interested in the information I am about to share with you.

The answer to this wonder is something that is extremely simple yet not easily understood.

How can a paradox such as this exist? I am more than happy to tell you.

It is as easy as two words; NATURAL and SYNTHETIC.

If you ask many “experts” about vitamins you can generally bank on some consistencies. For example; you will hear that VITAMIN “C” IS ASCORBIC ACID or that dl-ALPHA-TOCOPHEROL IS VITAMIN “E”. That is what the FDA says, so it must be right. Unfortunatelly for the average person, those statements are nowhere near the truth. They fall under the category of “If enough people believe it, it must be true.”

There is so much more to truth than just mass acceptance. This is especially true when it comes to vitamins. What is synthetically produced in a lab can not come close to what we find in nature. What is chemically created is at best a very poor imposture (like Rich Little) and at worst a danger and a health risk (like driving the wrong way on a one way street)

The chemical reproduction of a “vitamin” can only be of a very small or single element of what is in nature an entire vitamin complex. A true vitamin as found in nature is a large collection of co-factors and phytonutients, all of which must work together in a synergistic fashion in order to produce the “vitamin effect”

Note: This office only recommends nutritional supplements that are made from whole food concentrates and not chemical synthetic forms. Synthetic supplements have filled the bottles in pharmacies, health food stores, and multi-level marketing companies for too long. But this office has always been guided by the principle of whole food forms of nutrition and supplementation as researched and developed by Dr. Royal Lee for over 40 years. The human body knows the difference. Now, the latest research confirms what we have previously learned and taught our patients about synthetic supplements.

Synthetics are not only bad nutrition, they are often dangerous.

Hype and trends that regularly sweep through the supplement industry do not impress us. We carefully research natural complex forms of organically grown and cold processed whole food supplements. These are the best for body and get the best nutritional results.