The Evidence
Episode 110: Pathways to God
Bruce Lipton: One evening all of the information that I had collected for years all came together.
One instant in time and revealed a truth to me that absolutely blew me away.
Dwight Nelson: Dr. Bruce Lipton is a cellular biologist who focused his research on discovering how
cells know what to do. In other words, he wondered how the brain of the cell
controlled the rest of the cell. During the course of his research he made an
astounding discovery. One that changed the course of his life. We caught up with
him at his home near Santa Cruz, California.
Bruce Lipton: As a conventional biologist I held the belief that I was just a mechanism and that my
life was just the enfoldment of these molecules. And therefore I really felt that I was
an accident...just as Darwin would have said. That I accidentally got here and that
I'm an accident in the world and basically I was just trying to run my life in the best
way I possibly can figuring that I got dropped into this picture. I'm a machine. I'm
here right now. And then at the end, I'm gone back into dust. So, make the best I
could of what I had.
Dwight Nelson: Bruce Lipton continued his research into the cell. Like most biologists he accepted
the notion that genes controlled the behavior of a cell. That genes function as the
cell's brain. But the results of his research varied so greatly from conventional
scientific theory. He began to look for a different mechanism, a mechanism other
than genes that controlled the cell.
Bruce Lipton: And at about 1985 after about ten years of seeking alternative mechanism, one
evening all of the information that I had collected for years all came together at one
instant in time. And revealed a truth to me that absolutely blew me away.
Dwight Nelson: On the island of Granada where he lived at the time, Dr. Lipton, sat up late one night,
reviewing his research. Around 2:00 a.m. all of the information he had gathered
gelled into a startling revelation.
Bruce Lipton: the exciting part was just...just before this revelation came, I was working on the
understanding of the mechanism that actually controlled biology. I found that by then
I already knew the that the control was in the skin of the cell, called the cell
membrane, which is equivalent of our skin in fact. And that I was understanding the
mechanism and so I described the structure and function of the cell membrane. And
had come down to three different points, bullets, about the understanding. And
this...these points were the cell membrane is a liquid crystal. The cell membrane is a
semi-conductor. And the cell membrane possesses gates and channels. So I write
these down, sit back, and then read this and say, the membrane is a liquid crystal
semi conductor with gates and channels. And all of a sudden, my whole life changed
because I heard...I've heard this phrase before. But it's not a biological phrase. And I
tried to recall where...where did I hear this. And there on the left side of my desk was
my first computer. And sitting right next to it was a book from radio shack, a
simpleton book on understanding how my computer works. And I opened up the
book and on page three in the introduction of this book, is a description of a
computer chip. A crystal semi-conductor with gates and channels. And all of a
sudden it just hit me. I said, the cell membrane is a computer chip. And the cell
nucleus where the genes are is a hard drive where the genes are programmed. And all
of a sudden it became perfectly clear that the environment was typing on the
keyboard which is the surface of the cell, drawing up programs from the genes to
match the environmental signals. So as I perceive the environment, I select genes
that will adjust my physiology and my body to meet that perception. The
significance: what I believe is what I become.
Dwight Nelson: When Bruce Lipton realized the source of control over his cells came from outside
his body instead of inside, it changed his entire perspective of reality and gave him a
new understanding of God.
Bruce Lipton: Before this....this revelation so to speak, concepts regarding God and Spirit
were pretty much like most scientists. And that is, there might be a God. There might
be Spirit. But it wasn't necessary to invoke them to understand life. So scientists
don't necessarily deny there is a God but really suggest that if there's a God, he's
probably busy doing other things. And that life can be understood just by the
molecules and the mechanisms. But after this understanding it really revealed that
there was much more to me than this physical reality. That there was an energy, a
Spirit, or a God that was controlling this biology that I was experiencing.
Dwight Nelson: With this new understanding Dr. Lipton felt he had discovered in a sense the secret
of life. In his excitement over that discovery brought about dramatic change.
Bruce Lipton: As a scientist I work in my head doing all kinds of calculations with data and all the
experimental understanding, hypothesis, etc. But the moment this realization of the
mechanism, what actually controls life. When that actually hit me, there was a
complete and profound physiological change in my body that actually it went
through my head and into my heart. And the joy was so overwhelming that tears
started to well up in my eyes. And I was feeling very choked up all about it. And it
was interesting because as a scientist, as I said, having been in my head all my life,
this entrance into my heart changed my whole outlook and expression of life. And it
was peaceful. And the peace that came over me was for the first time...I
actually saw that I was more than just this body.