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23 Common Eating Mistakes Made
(As recognized by Dr. John F. Demartini)

1) Eating too fast or when in a hurry

2) Eating when you are upset

3) Eating just because it’s time, even if not hungry

4) Eating till you can’t eat another bite

5) Eating Heavy then lying down

6) Eating too late, then going to bed

7) Eating the same food day after day

8) Eating too little or too much Roughage

9) Eating refined foods which more has been removed than improved

10) Eating while not in good posture

11) Eating overcooked or burned food

12) Eating deep fried foods, TransFattyAcids

13) Eating too much Sugar

14) Eating just because it’s there

15) Eating because your emotions are dictating your behaviour

16) Eating foods you really dislike

17) Eating too many snacks

18) Eating while driving

19) Eating too much gas producing foods.

20) Eating for convenience and NOT for quality

21) NOT chewing your food sufficiently

22) Drinking in Gulps

23) Drinking Too much while eating

Please take note of any of these that you notice yourself doing.
Especially if it is with any type of regularity

The Rode to the Optimum you is a journey and recognizing these behaviours will allow you to make the necessary changes to become all the you can be.