The Nutritional Experiment –
Outcome based learning

Why don’t you start by telling me what your reasons and hopes are for being here? This is where the experiment begins.

A scientific nutritional experiment must always be accountable to the original motive for seeking care, so the results of the experiment may tell plainly whether it is possible to achieve the original intention. Most people vastly underestimate the body’s ability to successfully achieve change and improvement, and part of the purpose of this nutritional approach is to teach people it is safe to experiment.

Indeed when experiments are well run people become comfortable with trying new things and applying previously unknown technologies. This is good to learn so that when we arrive at serious challenges in our lives we have learned to innovate and experiment, until we find what works and improve our lives and the lives of our loved ones. Oftentimes the experiment in normal physiology that is explored in this office becomes a possibility for others in our lives because we have discovered answers that might work for them as well. This is especially true when someone discovers that nutritional interventions work for themselves and also consider their children’s health challenges or their parents or spouse.

We learn as much from what works and from what doesn’t work. For example, when we support the adrenal glands regularly yet find no improvement with insomnia we discover that mechanism is not in issue. The scientific way is to then move on to another physiological mechanism and experiment to see if that will affect the quality of sleep. A well documented experiment will teach a great deal about exactly where the issue lies, and then this discovery will exist for years as information about how a person’s unique biochemistry works.

It is important that the nutritional therapeutic modality be viewed as an experiment, so that we remember that each person is a biochemical individual that is uniquely complex. Most of the nutritional principles and science we employ today have been derived from empirical data collected over generations. It is called ancestral knowledge, since in fact our ancestors were the ones who collected the data and showed the patterns that have proven to be science.

When a person smokes cigarettes over a period of time and develops cancer no one is surprised by the outcome of that experiment, nor by the effect of cocaine/drugs, decadent lifestyles, excessive stimulants, junkfood (Super-size Me). These are experiments of what doesn’t work at all, and in fact damages the body. These activities cause stress and premature aging. Likewise our effort to improve nutrition is an experiment in the other direction, wherein perhaps the body can be strengthened, we may achieve youthful aging, and stress can be reduced.

A famous poem says it well,
“Every moment of loving is an act of living
And every moment of hating is an act of dying
All our moments add together, like the digits in a sum
And tell us plainly whether life or death shall come”

Let the experiment we were born to continue. Let us learn the way things work best, and then let our lives contribute to the collective discovery and wisdom of how to live powerfully on this planet. Nutrition works! Learn how. Teach others by telling them how your experiment turned out …